Juniper II: Big Bends

where can i buy Depakote over the counter This workshop covers summer Juniper work including thinning, styling, overview of proper pinching, wiring, applying large bends,  and general maintenance. We will also discuss working with collected material, how to avoid juvenile foliage, and will be appropriate for all Juniper species. The morning begins with a lecture and handouts, followed by hands on work on your own trees. If you do not have a juniper to work on, but would like to take the class, one can be borrowed or purchased (depending on availability).
This workshop is geared to helping the participants improve the health and appearance of their trees and therefore it is of benefit to both beginner and experienced bonsai enthusiasts. We will also discuss as time permits the making of large bends, application of raphia and large gauge copper wire, use of rebars, jackies, hollowing branches and wiring technique in detail. For juniper, copper wire is required; this will be discussed at length in the morning class session. Supplies to bring include shears, pliers, wire cutters, concave cutters, and copper wire.  We will try to make available raphia, rebar, jackies and power power tools.

sporanox uk You are welcome to bring more than one tree; as much work will be completed as time permits.  Those students that have completed previous sessions of study may return to continue to advance their refinement techniques. It is recommended that returning students pre-wire their tree to maximize time used to set branches.

The class starts promptly at 9:00 AM so please arrive early. We will begin with an in depth lecture followed by hands on work. The workshop is all day with a break for lunch. You may join us in ordering lunch or feel free to bring your own. The cost of the workshop is $75 – prepayment in full reserves your spot as classroom size is limited. If a reservation is cancelled with less than one week notice, and we are unable to fill the seat, a refund may not be provided.