Workshops The BonsaiSmiths offer a variety of workshops around the year which are designed to help the beginner and the advanced hobbyist with their technical skills and varietal specific needs. Our most popular class is our set of three Japanese Black Pine workshops in Spring, Summer and Fall which instruct how to develop a highly ramified, healthy, well styled tree the same way professionals do in Japan. We will also offer classes on repotting, wiring, juniper, broadleaf evergreen, flowering and fruiting and deciduous trees.

buy Pregabalin online February 13, 2016 – Japanese Black Pine I

buy cytotec in south-africa February 27, 2016 – Maple / Deciduous I: Root Development and Grafting Techniques)

February 27, 2016 – Rock Plantings (Root Over Rock and Planting on Natural Stone Slabs)

TBA – Maple / Deciduous II

TBA – Japanese Black Pine II

TBA – Juniper II

TBA – Juniper III

TBA – Japanese Black Pine III 



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